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Very cute, simplistic

For what it is, it's extremely cute and simplistic to play, but it looks like you obviously spent a lot of time with the small details. A well done game, I enjoyed it moreso than any other dress up game I've played.

Beautiful and fun game

I feel kinda warm and fuzzy from playing it. The game was very beautifully done, and gameplay was simple but effective. Great job!

O.O Natz is cute

Very visually pleasing, the gameplay was simple enough, and it was just really fun. I was hooked on it for a while, great job

Wonderfully and hilariously violent game

Very fun, I like how you have as many tries as your want. I found it really difficult to hit anything though, and that flying blindly is just about the best way to get anywhere. Nonetheless, great game, great graphics, a really fun time-killer

Super fun! This game is the bomb!

The stylized cartoon and smooth gameplay gave this game a lot of charm. It's fast paced and not too hard to learn. It got a little hectic in the later levels, when there were too many people to save. Also, starting the game, it was hard to identify which surfaces you can land on and which you couldn't, so navigating the map was difficult at first. Nonetheless, great game, super fun

Weird...not really in the good way

The psuedo-3D-ness made controls a little awkward. It's a cute game, but it might be a bit too challenging. The game is also very linear, not to say that that's a bad thing, but that could have been part of the challenge (navigating a more complex maze). Maybe it's just me, it was hard to make it to the later levels.

It was decent

It had good music, it was aesthetically pleasing, and it was well programmed. It got old pretty quickly though, and I found myself bored with it. The game was a little slow, and provided little challenge even in the later levels. It was an okay game, that's it.

Fun...a little annoying, but fun...

The game is very aesthetically pleasing, the style stays consistent and it looks good. Gameplay didn't really involve a lives system, which was good since I died a lot. The maps were annoyingly big though, but coherent, made sense. Overall, a decently good game

Only once? Geez...

A good concept well executed. I was impressed at how well the "living once" thing was done, I kept coming back just to see what happens next. After a while though, it's a little annoying, as I would love to play through the Japanese dub just to hear it, but I can't :(

Simple but addictive

Such a simple concept very well executed, I was playing for a while

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