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nice base frame

It's extremely smooth and very nice looking. If someone could figure out how to implement something like this in a playable game, it could easily get full scores and even make front page probably

Meh, it's alright

It was a very average game. The Portal undertone is not really well done and took away more from the game than helping it, further deterred by the annoying voice. But the gameplay was smooth (mostly, I had some problems with the jump), the graphics were nice, and the music was fitting. Stop trying to make it like portal, you're trying too hard. You have a well designed game, but there are some huge flaws holding it back.

Cute and fun

Very well designed puzzles and very cute graphics. My only complaint is that it was a little slow, and the music loop got a little annoying after a while, but overall it is a great fun little game

Excellently done avatar creator

One of the best I've seen. The art is super crisp and clean, it's all very well organized, and there isn't much bad to say about this (considering the genre). Very very well done, I am pleased

Cute and humorous

The game is extremely cute and funny. The music could have a little more variety, and the gameplay can be expanded, perhaps by adding something to generate random platforms or being able to control the jump height, instead of having it be level based. The graphics were great and overall it is an enjoyable game


Why is everything spelled wrong? This is barely a game, and it definitely isn't fun. The graphics aren't that great, the controls are pretty terrible, the music and sound are totally unbalanced, overall it's not even worth playing. Sorry, but it's a good start


For the audience you are targeting (me being part of that audience) I thoroughly enjoyed this demo. It certainly did make me wanna buy the full version, The game is simple and very very aesthetically pleasing.

There seems to be a bug

I can't get the tapes. It seems like other people are having similar problems. I watched a walkthrough to see the ending. A wonderfully crafted rendition of the Alice story, I can't wait to see the next part

Wonderful rendition from the Sonic Series

The graphics were great, the story was simple and engaging. The boss fight was truly terrifying. My only complaints are that it's too short and at points too annoying. Falling in the green stuff was insta-kill, and the stunlock from enemies didn't help. The game is also extremely linear, there weren't any multiple paths to take or many secrets to find. But overall, I really liked this game, it has all the good from the sonic series plus a little dark twist. It's hard to get better.

Interesting concept

I think it might be interesting if instead of sampling once every second (or however fast you're doing it) have it sample continuously. It would make it look much smoother, though it would also take up more processing power. Perhaps have an option to set the speed for the mutation, since it looks like you already have a key that toggles mutation speed.

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