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Decent graphics, that's it

What's the point of having all of the different parts available when you can select the best one right at the beginning? What's the point of more traction if it doesn't even make a difference? What's the point of having a "lean forward/backward" button when they don't even work correctly. This is a good start, but there are way too many things to work on before it even gets a decent score.

Interesting game, lost major points for...

Not having the ability to go back while doing a puzzle. You enter a puzzle, and that's it. No escaping or anything. It's not really helpful when I get to the second planet, realize I forgot to write down that password that appeared after solving the puzzles for the first planet, having to refresh the page only to start from the very beginning again.

After that little flaw, I found the puzzles very engaging and interesting, and the game is well put together, so kudos for that

Not really taking advantage of the concept

There were very very few puzzles that actually required the use of both players, most of the puzzles could have been passed with just one of the little guys, and it didn't really get harder as the game went on. There is a lot of potential, and if you could get some clever puzzle designers to make some levels that will actually utilize the full concept of cooperation, this would be awesome

I do feel loved

An interesting message. The game is very well done, both aesthetically and technically. The story is hard to understand, but it was engaging. I played through a few times and didn't get tired until it became predictable, which was probably after the 3rd or 4th playthrough. I guess the meaning of the story should be left to the interpretter, but overall, a pretty well done piece.

Boring and unrewarding

The game is kind of fun at first, the graphics are certainly appealing. There were lots of problems though. Because of the limited isometric view combined with the detailed environments, many times monsters and items were caught behind foreground objects.

The monster battles were really annoying from the beginning. Finding the necessary items for a quest was tedious, and leveling up took a painstakingly long time. The game is extremely unbalanced in this aspect.

The monsters you could capture were extremely useless. At some point, you could solo the entire map (I did for most of the game). Most of the monsters were not worth capturing.

The game is extremely boring and unrewarding just a few minutes in. I went through the game completing every quest and got nothing for it, not even an achievement. Every dungeon was essentially the same, and there were no boss monsters to make things interesting, so I felt all of the skills and spells I earned were absolutely useless.

Overall, this killed more time than it should have. There are just way too many elements that need improvement. If you have some innovative idea, don't save them for the sequel, just put them right in here, and then use the sequel to further fix or enhance those features.

Whoa, awesome, like a console game

This game's got potential. One suggestion I'd make it create a health bar for the monsters. It was a little annoying to be shooting at the monster and not know how much damage I was doing.

Also, some kind of map would be useful. The game in its current state isn't hard to navigate, but I imagine the final product will be much more expansive.

The voice at the beginning was mediocre at best. There are literally hundreds of amateur voice actors you can draw talent from for free at the Voice Acting Alliance or even here on NewGrounds, I suggest you check that out.

That's all I gotta say, I can't wait to see what happens next


It's a little too easy. And add a mute button (or if you did, I can't find it)

An awesome start

It was fun, nice and original, with a fair amount of challenge. Another level of challenge you should consider adding is limited the kinds of pieces you can use per level, or adding a count-down timer. This is a great start to an original game that could go somewhere good

3 weeks? Really?

The game was very simplistic. The menu didn't look too fancy. The gameplay was very fundamental and unchallenging. The graphics were mediocre at best. It's a well programmed game, but it's got a lot more potential. Good try though, I'll give you that much. Hard to believe it took 3 weeks though

DrPepper246 responds:

lol three weeks of school and hw not just making it!

Quite pointless

The game is KINDA pretty. I say kind of because the characters look like crap, the actual garden looks like crap, and the only thing that looks nice is the huge landscape. The gameplay is simplistic and actually not very challenging. I completed the whole game twice in probably less than an hour. Overall, it's quite a pointless game. There was nothing at the end, not even a sense of accomplishment.

Also, I wish there were a mute button. The music is nice the first time through, but the looping is not smooth and gets annoying.

popopt responds:

The mute button is a great idea - Ill be sure to add one in next time:)Thanks for the constructive crtitique as well.

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