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Some minor flaws

It's a very basic game. Visually, it's fantastic, I like the consistent style. The preloader doesn't seem to work correctly, and in the end, the game is very essential and basic. If you could fix the preloader problem, I think it would be a good game

ZZR responds:

I'm glad you like the visuals, thanks. Sorry, I have no clue what's wrong with the preloader T_T

Just a tad too hard

The game is beautiful, visually. The controls were simple enough. The only problem I had with this game was that the obstacles were really hard to spot as they blended in with the background too much. Otherwise, it's a great game, but being a game, it loses major points for playability.

Nothing too new...or fun

the lives system is obsolete and crap, totally unnecessary. The game is very basic, it's one of those physics based driving/balancing games. All you did was take a really crappy picture of Dubai (you can barely tell) and put it in the background. This really isn't worth much

Pretty, but disappointingly simple

It isn't a bad game. It's very obvious that you put a lot of work into it aesthetically. the music is okay, and the dark but cutesy style works in synonymy with the atmosphere, but the game was too easy, I found little challenge in it even as I went further into the game. It's not the worst game, but it's definitely not the best game, though I do believe it deserves a spot here.

Just like "Company of myself" but not as exciting

The game seems to try imitate the atmosphere and story, but it doesn't feel nearly as emotionally touching. The gameplay was frustrating at points, and I think some gameplay elements were introduced too fast. The graphics were okay, and the game itself was pretty smooth, but there is definitely room for improvement


This was fun for the first few levels, and then there was the goal to reach 60, and when I did, the price was not worth it. It's a simple game that keeps you occupied for just a while, but it gets pretty old fast. It's aesthetically pleasing, the music could be better though. Overall, not the greatest game in the world.

Simplicity is beauty

This game is simply beautiful. It's nice and relaxing, it's not frustrating, but it's fun. Simply, well done

Absolutely Beautiful story

A wonderful story accompanied by a very stylized game and simplistic gameplay. Personally, I think the gameplay was a little too simple, it didn't provide enough challenge. The art style on the other hand was, for its simplicity, aesthetically pleasing and supported the story well. Overall, a great game

A beautiful story

The story is absolutely beautiful for how simple it is. The music accompanies the story almost perfectly. The game is very simple, and actually disappointly short. There was a lot of potential for a lot more puzzles. Nonetheless, great job, the stylized gameplay with the wonderful story makes this game worthy of its high score

Tediously simple

It's a really easy game, a little too easy actually. I found little challenge while playing. It's very well made, visually, and I think it's well programmed too, but in the end, it was just boring.

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