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A twist, a twist, another twist

The animation was wonderfully detailed, the story was simple if a little predictable, the voice acting was simply excellent, and the overall production was fantastic. I wish to know the secrets to your animation. Truly a production deserving of the front page.

I wanna hear axman13's review of this

Excellent use of typography, excellent voice, not much to say about this but awesome

I think I voiced too many characters XD

Not a bad production, though there could be a lot more variety, it's kind of weird hearing my own voice. I probably should have tried varying my voice a little more, but that's okay :) great production, I hope to see more soon!

aaaahhh the cliffhanger!!

Great episode, I thought that was well written and well produced. not much to say about it other than I thoroughly enjoyed this season and I look forward to next season

An excellent story

Decently told. I was very touched by the underlying story in this animation. The depiction of it was subpar though.

The art style was minimal. It helped to tell the story nicely, but there is room for improvement.

Voice was another big problem. It might have sounded much better if you spoke in your natural language and used subtitles, or get some amateur voice actors from the community, there are plenty that are willing to work for free.

Music accompanied the piece nicely, no complaints there.

Overall a very nice animation

I'm gonna have nitemares

Great job! You captured the atmosphere of true dark and fear, and I found the flash extremely creepy, which I'm sure was your goal. It looks like you put a lot of work into it, so good job, I can't wait to see more

JohnDavidHeptinstall responds:

Thanks for the words - I'm relieved that people are finding it creepy - I was quite unsure myself, so it's really helped

That was pretty funny

Haha, I get it! That was actually really entertaining and well done. The animation and quality was superb, and of course, Rina-chan always comes out on top. I like this, I think it does deserve a pretty good rating

A little annoying, but I get the point...I think

The random shocks took away from the point more than it helped I think. The whole thing was really creepy and awkward, but that seemed to be the point. The style was less than attractive, but consistent, so that's okay. Overall, it's okay, certainly touched a nerve

Good concept, but the animation needs work

The idea has been worn, but this movie does it decently well. The animation on the other hand is pretty mediocre, I'd say beginner level. It gets the point across, but loses appeal very easily. Nonetheless, this is a decently good movie

Amazing short

wonderfully animated and well mixed. While it's been done, this does it well, and I applaud you for that. It's short, but it's okay. It doens't need to be long to get the point across. Overall, a well done piece

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